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be money happy

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The world of banking is constantly changing and evolving, due largely to changes in technology.

First Option has grown and thrived in a competitive market by adapting to change, while keeping its Members’ needs as its central focus.

First Option recently conducted a Brand Review, to ensure that we deliver a clear and consistent message to all our Members. One of the outcomes of this review is a new positioning statement that delivers a simple message to our Members. We want them to “be money happy”.

Why money happy?

Two things are important to us. Making your money work harder for you and making you comfortable with money. We call it ‘Money Happy’.

We know that happiness comes from being with family, friends and watching your kids grow, that’s what’s really important. When you know your money is happy, it’s one less thing to worry about. More time to spend hanging out with friends, family and even your family pet (if that’s what makes you happy).

We measure ourselves by your happiness and ask how we’ve done at making it easy for you.

‘Comfortable’ is an outcome from working together. A feeling and ultimately a financial position we all want.

Underpinning this promise, are the profits we return to Members in the form of competitive rates and lower fees, so you and your money are happy daily, weekly and monthly. We’re challenging the big banks and liberating Members by bringing you the lowest cost banking with the highest possible, happy returns.

We’re always here for you. We’re unapologetically small with lots of energy (most of the time) and we’re down to earth, always approachable.

Unlike the big banks, we’ll make you smile because we know you too can be...

“money happy”