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Easy App v3.0 is here!

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Mobile Banking just got easier with Easy App v3.0

First Option has released version 3.0 of its popular Easy App mobile banking service. Members can download it for free, or update their existing app from Google Play or the App Store. There are quite a few improvements that will make the experience even better than before.

Improved registration process

We have replaced the “Quick Tour” with a new process that allows members to set up some of their preferences while they are registering. This includes the Fingerprint ID set up and the Quick Balance display. Quick Balance means you can see selected account balances without having to log in.

Combined Menus

Previously, there was a “Settings” menu on one side and an “Info” menu on the other. This was confusing for many users. There is now a single “Settings” menu showing options that are grouped based on member feedback. For example, you can notify First Option if you are going overseas, change your passcode or read our FAQs.

Updated Locator

If you want to find your nearest rediATM or a First Option branch, just select the “Find us” option. You can enter either a suburb or a postcode to zero in on your location. And remember, cash withdrawals and balance enquiries at a rediATM are fee free if you have a MMB* of $25,000, are aged 21 and under, are a new member (first 3 months) or have a home loan package at First Option.

Fresher and clearer account information

We have studied members’ use of Easy App and reviewed the comments made by members. As a result, we have made some key changes to the Account display.

  • Your “available” balance is shown first, while the “current” balance is shown second.
  • We have changed the order of the Transfer, Pay someone and BPAY options, based on user behaviour.
  • The Feedback Form now allows members to give the app a rating out of 10. We really value your feedback, as it guides us to making improvements in future versions.

Easier to Log in or out

To avoid confusion, First Option members can now log in or log out from any screen within the app. This option will always display in the top right corner. Of course, if you allow Quick Balance, you don’t need to log in to see your balances.

Get on board with version 3.0

If you don’t have Easy App, please register for Internet Banking first. Then go to Google Play or the App Store and search for First Option Easy App. If you do have Easy App, please install the update right away.

* Minimum Monthly Balance (or MMB) is the combined minimum monthly account balances (within a single membership) of your Savings accounts + Investment accounts + Loan accounts (treated as a positive number) + any Credit Card / Overdraft balance in debit / credit. With over limit Credit Cards / Overdrafts, only the approved limit will count towards the MMB.